Funding for the Project

Volunteers pay their own way down to Bolivia, their living expenses and anything extra they wish to purchase or for any tours they wish to take. Airfares cost between $1500 to $2000. The cost of living in Rurre is very cheap compared to our standards in North America. For a room and breakfast for a month the cost can be around $100. Meals in Bolivian-style restaurants are between $2-$3. A main course in a western-style restaurant can cost about $7.

An organization - ACE (Advance Consulting for Education) - a provider of English Language training for teachers in Canada - has generously donated towards this project for the past 4 years through its non-profit division (CELE). The funds from ACE have been used to pay for materials that have been developed for project, for materials that have been taken down for the teachers, such as dry erase markers and other teaching supplies, excess baggage costs and for volunteers who commit to a minimum of 4 weeks of teaching in Rurre the airfare from La Paz to Rurrenabaque. Depending on the cost of the supplies that are taken down, this may also include the return airfare to La Paz.

Thank you also to friends, Pat, Judy, Donna and Margot who also donated to help support the project and to Canadian Discovery for helping with photocopying.