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Teachers Teaching Teachers Bolivia is a Calgary, Canada-based project where teachers volunteer to teach in the small Amazon town, Rurrenabaque, Bolivia. The three month yearly project is organized by Cathie Aalders-Taylor, ESL teacher in Calgary, Alberta. Volunteers are encouraged to volunteer for at least 4 weeks, while Cathie remains in Rurrenabaque for the duration of the project. There is no fee to volunteer; however, volunteers are responsible for the costs of travel to Rurre and for living expenses while in Bolivia. These costs (both travel and living expenses) usually are no more than $2200 for a month. If volunteers would like to take jungle or pampas tours, the costs are a little higher, but discounts are often offered by the tour companies for the volunteers of this project.

Volunteers are not required to have knowledge of Spanish, but as little English is spoken in Bolivia, some Spanish is an advantage, especially if the volunteers wish to travel to other areas of Bolivia. For some components of the project, Spanish is highly recommended.

All teaching materials, which are mostly interactive and in a game format, are provided for the volunteers. Volunteers are required to follow the curriculum set out for the project but are free to use their own activities. A workbook for the teachers is also provided with some grammar activities, but the main focus is to provide the Bolivian teachers with fun activities that they can use in their classes.

Volunteers are required for 2015

  • Teachers with ESL training to teach English to the Bolivian teachers

  • Teachers with some Spanish skills to assist the Bolivian teachers introduce math games using dominoes, dice and cards

  • Teachers with some Spanish skills to assist the teachers who are teaching English in their classes

  • Teachers with intermediate to advanced Spanish to help provide workshops to the teachers. These workshops will focus on teaching vocabulary, grammar and introducing a new English curriculum to the staff of schools in the Rurrenabaque/San Buenaventura districts.

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If you require more information, please email Cathie at: cathie_aa_t@hotmail.com